Walls and Runs--some of the good ones.

Sourthern Patagonia
Colorado Route, Cerro Fitz Roy, 5.11+, Patagonia 1/2016
Afanaseiff, Cerro Fitz Roy 1550m 50* 6a+, Patagonia, 2/2014
Giordiani into Comensane-Fonrouge, Guillaumet 750m 6c, Patagonia, 1/2015
Chairo de Luna, St. Expuery 800m 6b+, Patagonia, 2/2015

Mate, Porro y Todo lo Demas, 700m 6c+, North Piller Fitz Roy, Patagonia 1/2015

Amy-Vidailhet into Comesana-Fonrouge 50* 6b+, Aguja Guillaumet, Patagonia  1/2014

Plenty for Everyone, Barnes Wall 5.11 IV (First Ascent - ground up one day)  7/2013
Morning Luxury, Breakfast Spire 5.11 IV (First Ascent - ground up one day) 7/2013
4 Quickies, Submarine Wall 5.10 (First Ascent - ground up one day) 7/2013
Mind your P's and Q's, Submarine Wall 5.10 (First Ascent - ground up one day) 7/2013

Wile Flowers, West Face Snowpatch Spire 5.12 IV (First Ascent - ground up one day) 8/2013
East Colombian Indirect, Tom Egan Wall Snowpatch Spire 5.12 IV   8/2013
Lotus Flower Tower, Cirque of the Unclimbables 5.11b, V (~12 hours)
Riders on the Storm, Cirque of the Unclimbables 5.11+
Cassiopeia, Cirque of the Unclimbables FA 5.10 A3 *unfinished

El Captain   , The Nose 5.10, C2, VI (June 2012 NIAD Female Team Record 10:19,
                    , Lurking Fear 5.11, C1, VI (October 2014 Female Speed Record 7:47.)
**First female link-up of two routes on El Capitan (10/2014)
    The Nose (8:20) and Lurking Fear (21:17 total)
**7 Walls in 7 Day.  The Nose, Lost Arrow, Leaning Tower, Watkins, Washington Column,       
      Half Dome and Liberty Cap.  

                    , West Face 5.11
                    , Free Blast 5.11
                    , East Buttress 5.10
Half Dome, Regular Northeast Face VI (First go Base to Summit 7:45)
Leaning Tower, West Face 5.11, C2, V (Fixed to 3, fired 6.5 hours), 2010
Washington Column, South Face 5.10b, C1, V, 2009
Ribbon Falls, Gold Wall, Silent Line 5.10, V (8 hours), 2009
Middle Cathedral, East Buttress, 5.10 
                            , Direct North Buttress 5.11 
                            , Stoners Highway, 5.11

Monestary, Psychatomic 5.12d (S)
The Slab, Undertow 5.12b (S)
Saint Vrain, Redneck Hero 5.12a (S)
                  , Le Diamante Eternal 5.13 b/c
Shelf Road, Aoxamoxoa 5.12b (S-Onsight)
Rifle Mountain Park, Cardinal Sin 5.12a (S)
                                , Fossil Family 5.12a (S) 
Rock of Ages, The Wasp 5.13- (led placing gear)
                       , Telekenesis 5.13b/c
                      , Green Sleeves 5.12 (on-sight)
Longs Peak Area,  Ariana 5.12 IV (on-sight)
                            ,  Linkup of Curving Vine & Pervertical 5.11, IV
                            , Casual Route 5.10 IV (climbed in 6 hours CTC)
                            , Red Wall 5.10
Twin Sisters, Take Me to Your Leader 5.11d (S)
                     , Wizard’s Path 5.11a (S)
                     , Tribal Regions 5.10 (First Ascent)
Mt. Meeker, Flying Buttress 5.9
Hallets Peak, Culp-Bossier 5.8+ (3 hours)
Spearhead, All Too Obvious 5.12a
                 , The Barb 5.10
                 , Sykes Sickle 5.9 
                 , North ridge 5.7 (27 min. simul-climb base to summit)
Lumpy Ridge, Dakota 5.13 b/c
                       , El Camino 5.12c
                      , Hagakura 5.12a
                      , J Crack Headwall 5.11c (on-sight)
                      , Whiteman 5.11c (on-sight)
                      , Living Dead 5.11b
                      , Little Twin Owls Finger Crack 5.11a
                      , Stretch Marks 5.11a
                      , Finger Lickin’ Good 5.11a
                      , Perelandra 5.11a (on-sight)

37 Pitch Lumpy Link-up: Femp, Loose Ends, Pear Buttress, Cheap Date, Outlander, Cave Exit, Hurley Exit, Osirus, Bookmark Pinnacle, Melvin’s Wheel, The Dog, White Whale, Hiatus, and Zandango.  (Car to Car in 7 hours).

*Numerous ridge solo climbing/running & peak ascents
White Whale-The Dog-Hiatus solo circuit- Lumpy Ridge(1:17)
Keyhole Ridge- Long’s Peak (3:48)
North Face of Longs -Clark’s Arrow - Meeker traverse (4:35
Fall River Road -Endovalley to Alpine Visitor Center (1:42)
North Inlet Trail- Bear lake to Grand Lake (2:23
“A Walk in the Park”  Solo of Glacier Gorge Cirque --Thatchtop to Longs (10:14)
Chapin-Chiquita-Ypsilon (1:45
Rim to Rim to Rim 10:30 Minutes running time.  

4 Wall link-up, Spaceshot, Touchstone, Sheer Lunacy, Moonlight (2016)
Rope Solo Spaceshot in 7 hours
Rope Solo Touchstone in 5 hours.  
Spaceshot, Touchstone, Moonlight Link-up (12:20) 4/2013
Touchstone Wall 5.11, C2, V (2:20 hours), 4/2013
Moonlight Buttress 5.10 C1, V (3:15 hours), 4/2013
Voices from the Dust 5.11b/c, IV, 2010 (on-sight)
Spaceshot 5.10, C2, IV (3:07), 2010
Prodigal Sun 5.8, C2, V, 2010
Shune’s Buttress 5.11, 2013 (on-sight)
Monkey Finger w. variation 5.12 (first 7 pitches only), 2010
The Migraine 5.11, 2012 

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