Friday, September 23, 2011

9 fingers to type!!

I have driven to Littleton, Sante Fe, and now flying to MSP.  All of this in attempt to FINALLY end the talk and walk the walk.
I, Quinn Lenae Brett, want a Dodge Sprinter van.
Preferably one with a sliding door that actually works and a dealership that cares that I want to buy it.

As my lovely boyfriend could have easily warned me, if he were not traveling for the last 3 weeks for work, "that is New Mexico."  Sante Fe dealership a JOKE.  How about we call it another life lesson!!
Really, it is it's own can of worms.

SUSAN YOU ARE AMAZING!  TOMMY, you too for answering so many freeking questions!!

So, after I was an IDIOT and sold my car to guy, but didn't realize I didn't have the Title, I have been waiting for 5 days for Toyota to send it to me, "on rush" <cough><cough> BULLSHIT!  Not only have I NOT sold the car, but now totally lost the sale.  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just more frustrating that I expected things to happen, and waited patiently for the mail to come but 5 days later (I fly out tomorrow so of course it will come while I am gone).

I also smooooooooooooooshed my finger hiking.  HIKING.  Wesley would have also said, "well, thats why we don't like hiking."  I know it looks harmless, but from mid-knuckle down finger is black and blue and doesn't bend.

He wouldn't have really said that, but it just goes to show how much he dislikes hiking.

Smoooshed finger.  Can't climb.  Supposed to leave for Yosemite today with my new sprinter van, sans Corolla and ready to climb body.  OPS!

Not happening.  Instead I fly to Minnesota, as Meridee works for Delta and gave me a buddy pass.  Hope to for realZ by a van, drive it home, heal finger, and CLIMB in yosemite come FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Maybe this one???
Life is not difficult.  It is fun, but it certainly is PACKED and slightly hard to manage!!  I am fortunate.  I  do realize, but finger injury and unfortunate events do still impede upon morale.

Oh, also gave my first slideshow the other day.  I think it went well.  Presentation okay, everyone enjoyed music and photos!!!!

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Alpenglow Media said...

Yes, life IS challenging MOST of the time...that's what makes it worth living!

Sorry I missed your awesome slide show...I was on-call at EPMC that night. I have followed your blog as well as Craig R's since the beginning, so at least I got to see a bunch of kick-ass photos!

Hope your finger heals quickly. If you think it is broken, you can splint it between the other two fingers with tape.

I know there is a Sprinter out there with your name on it. Just remember the Law of Attraction...that thoughts manifest reality.

Tashi delek!

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