Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Training Days of April

This isn't an exciting post.  Its a journal of my work-outs for the month of April, so far.  It helps me to keep track, keeping me honest.  This, to you, could help motivate.  If not, clicking that X in right hand corner of the screen takes you far far away in nanoseconds.

Monday April 2
Swim 1500
100 Sit-ups
100 Push-ups

Tuesday April 3
Swim 2000.  100 swim, 100 kick x 10
Climbed 31 Pitches in the gym.  Sets of 3, usually 5.12/11, 5.10, 5.9/8.  Sometimes down climbing.  Max set was 7 climbs.

Wednesday April 4
Road biked in Estes Park 15 miles
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups

Thursday April 5
Swim 1550- 200 warm-up. Kick 50.  6x50's on the 50. Kick 50.  500 straight. Kick 100.  100x 6 pulling breathing every 3-5-7.  Kick 50. 200 Cool-down. 

Small bouldering gym session.  Laps and hanging stomach curls, stretching too. 

Friday April 6
2 mile run up Deer Mountain---didn't  feel awesome.  Headache and lungs suck. 
Quick bouldering session at Nicky's boulders, a hard sloppy traverse.  Finger tips are lacking skin.  Climbing and swimming are hard on my shoulders and skin!  

Saturday April 7
Climbed 5 pitches at Combat rock.  I have climbed most of the routes at Combat, either top-rope or leading.  Always a good place to get your slab on!  
Saigon to Pearl Harbor 5.10d.  Back off the second pitch years ago whining to Douglas.  Glad to have redeemed myself this day.  Fun route all around, a little heady and a lot of foot work.
Nobody Here But Us Chickens 5.11dX  Top Roped this little edgy-broken-slabalicious climb.  Few small potato thin edges, many now broken.  5.12 slab.  No holds essentially.  Challenging.
Across Enemy Lines 5.11b.  Fun route, also have climbed this before.  
Tree Roof 5.8.  Super fun end of the day route, I remember when this was a sketchy lead for me.

Sunday April 8
Eldorado Canyon!  Sunny and warm, and PAcKED! 
West Buttress 5.9+.  Great time.  Led Pitch 1 and 4.  We were a party of 3.  Sweaty finger tips is rare for me, but lacking skin and the heat of the day made this finger tips crack start a little heads-up.  Off-width pitch was awesome.  Many options above but was convinced to stick with the original 5.7 pitch.  Wide-ish crack with jugs.
 Hair City 5.9R.  Challenging start.  Heads-up.  Last bolt you make a high step and run it out.  You can get some random gear in the next 50 feet to the anchor.  Great fun on the second half jug.

Monday April 9
Dustin in RMNP
 Rest day!  Worked from 12-8.

Tuesday April 10
3 mile run out by the YMCA.  Felt much better than previous run, lungs have a ways to go still though.
Yoga for an hour.  

Wednesday April 11
Worked a low ropes course all day in Denver for KMAC (Kent Mountain Adventure Center).
100 sit-ups
100 push-ups throughout the day

Thursday April 12
Jugging (pronounced with a silent "J") and rock climbing day --
Animal World in the Morning--Boulder Canyon
Animation 5.8, Climbed as a warm-up, then jugged with a backpack on twice.
Joint Venture 5.11a, climbed the first pitch then led up the unknown second pitch.  Jugged this also with a backpack on. 
Free Willie 5.11-, super fun climbing.  Deceivingly steep.  Also jugged this after climbing. 
Days of Future Passed 5.12-, need to return as I made this a 2 pitch climb.  Foot popped reaching out for the crimp.  Fun and enjoyable.  Boulder canyon is not a place I often climb, it is fun and good for your head at most cliffs.  (I would exclude Country Club from this generalization).
Hiking out a slipped on gravel, did the splits and banged my right ankle up pretty nicely.  
BRC in the afternoon
Dustin and I climbed many routes including a yellow, red, blue, green, and black.  Falls were had and forearms were swelling.   :)

Friday April 13
Friday the 13th.  This excites me.
2 mile sprint with Chelsea around the lumpy short loop.  Conveniently on a downhill portion I rolled my right ankle.  Lungs are getting there and I felt pretty quick.  Finished the run at a slower pace.   I know am at the coffee shop gimping around.  It hurts quite badly and I work all weekend.  I often roll my ankles, but the combo of a nice bone knocker yesterday and a sprain today has me a little worried.

Saturday April 14
Biked to pool.  Swim 1500.  Can't remember the exact work-out.  Rainy outside.  Glad to be back in Colorado.

Sunday April 15
Indoor bouldering session.  5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups mixed in with routes on the wall.

Monday April 16
Biked to pool, swim 1800.  Warm-up, 12x50 on the :50, 700 straight, Cool down
Movement gym.  15 routes and bouldering sit-ups between routes.  Finger tips are wrecked.  Triceps feeling it.

Tuesday April 17
Home number 1.  Training to go home.  
Climbing in Eldo, West Ridge.  5 pitches, kind of a mellow day.  Rushed for time.  Wes is working in Denver and I wanted to have a "date" night.

Wednesday April 18th
Solo the first flatiron 3 times.  Felt good, was trying to go fast enough where breathing was difficult.  First lap took me 25 minutes, second 30, third 35.  Ankle is still swollen sore, fake run down between laps.

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