Thursday, December 22, 2016

Year of the Monkey.

Vacation to the Winds---last year :)  (photo Max Barlerin)
As another year comes to an end, I reflect…with many distractions—-as I do.  I flip through my blog and realize I have started 5-6 writings but failed to finished any!!!  Probably due to a glass a wine being pushed my way or another adventure pulling me out the door.  I have taken some time to personally reflect but have done a piss poor job of sharing, of actually finishing a paragraph or three.  I enjoy writing and strive to put words together in an enjoyable fashion for others.   Complacency comes I think in part because of social media.  We seem to share more but in reality become more distant.  It also comes from stacking my adventures,  I move on too quickly before fulling appreciating the last.  

For my sake, I need to keep trying hard not only at athletics but growing the other facets of my being.  

My goals this year, as per usual, were lofty and jammed packed.  I figured 2016 being the year of the Monkey and me being a Monkey that I better stop lallygagging around and REALLY get after it.  After reminiscing and thumbing through piles of photo, I realize I have had quite a full year!!

In the next few weeks I hope to share a few short blogs regarding the bigger endeavors of the year.  

Coming soon...

Maxito and me on top of Desmochada (Photo Colin Haley)
Establishing a First Ascent on Fitz Roy, The Colorado Route

Running the Rim2Rim2Rim of Grand Canyon

4 walls in Zion with Libby Sauter

Climbing harder 

Honeymoon Project

California with Maxito; Venturi Effect and Tuolumne Link-up

50 Lumpy Pitches day

7 Walls in 7 days in Yosemite with Josie McKee

Sheer Lunacy Red Point

In the meantime....enjoy this video I made years ago....just resurfaced.  :)
(music = Daft Punk!) 

Dancin from Quinn Brett on Vimeo.

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