Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tenaya Ra's

I spoke briefly last time about using some new rock climbing shoes.  Well here they are!  Tenaya Ra's.

Ra's have an excellent sharp edge with a barely noticeable downturned toe.  Aggressive for a single pitch sport climb, but comfy enough for a few pitch trad route.  The toe box is a little narrow, but I don't have narrow feet and they fit just great!  The shoes are soled with Vibram rubber.  They hold well when standing on little granite nubbins, edges and heel hooking.  

They smear alright, but do feel a little stiff underfoot.  Perhaps I should blame my use of 10 year old re-re-re-re-soled climbing shoes. 

The velcro and stitching seem to be well manufactured, and there seems to be minimal, if any, stretch so far.  I have had problems with other manufacturers climbing shoe's with durablity etc.  So far, my Tenaya's are killing it!
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