Thursday, October 24, 2013

October Light

My little town of Estes Park is torn up.  Road closure due to extensive flood damage and the closure of Rocky Mountain National Park from the government shut-down are both proving to be a challenge. 

Friends like Leah and Scottie DeCapio, Karla and Justin Dubois, Amy and Dave Hammrick, Melissa and Adam Strong, Melissa Martin, and Andy and Cindy Morgan all own businesses and homes in this beautiful mountain town.  A lively-hood based off of tourist traffic.  No roads and no park equals no income.  Yet, these friends of mine- the whole of these small mountain towns- are moving through it all with admirable grace.

We are all coping with life obstacles every minute of every day.  We can choose to mope about it, or we can look at the new opportunities created from the destruction or death!    

I recognize the difficulties in living this way every minute, but it is something we should all be striving towards!  I know the death of Andrew and Dave and Rick and Annie have all had their unique offerings.  

“The ability to shift perspective can be one of the most powerful and effective tools we have to help us cope with life’s daily problem” (The Art Of Happiness, Dalai Lama). 

Climbing, for me, provides and outlet for self-improvement and reflection.  I have written about it before, perhaps its a reminder to myself that life is indeed a gift!  
Climbing is a direct analogy of the importance of balance, breathe and focus.  While acknowledging that control is only in the mind, a crutch perhaps to find calm in this unpredictable life.  

.....and so I end my rant and carry on to another climbing adventure.  Spreading Andrew Barnes' ashes and philosophies of life.  A heart of gratitude, kindness and a toothy smile!!!  

Here is a video from a recent adventure in Southern Utah!