Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cake eating

I don't really enjoy cake.  I do enjoy cookies and ice cream though!  "Having my ice cream and eating it too," doesn't really have as much of a profound impact.  One MUST eat the ice cream, otherwise it will just melt all over everything and make a complete mess.

I digress.

I just spent the last moldy and damp 2 days hanging out with 25 females and 2 males at a retreat center in north Washington.  All of us part of the Fall 2011 cohort in a variety of Antioch University in Seattle, Master of Arts program.   It was an enlightening and frustrating two days.  Mixed emotions about why I am starting this journey, and a bit long winded as conversation and the flow of ideas are concerned.  I look forward to the challenges classroom immersion provides.  This weekend should be knowledge packed, as I have four 9-530 days in a row.  Topics include Methods in Sustainability and Systems change.

Wes is currently working in Rapid City for the next 10 days or so.  After which we will meet up in Yosemite valley.  This is where the cake part comes in.  I am attempting to go to graduate school, climb my ass off, and take a WEMT course to further my guiding company and other climbing related pursuits.

Countless e-mails to various environmental non-profits returned fruitless new vocation avenues.  I haven't given up hope, and I am aware that phone calls and hand shakes make all the difference!!  I selfishly admit that I would also like to continue this climbing thing.  I am getting a better head these days and the injections of Chromosome 19 (the try hard gene) are seemingly working!  I recognize that this is a slim pursuit as far as money and sponsorship go, but I don't want to NOT try! 

For now the schedule and work load of graduate school is conducive to this idealist lifestyle.  Monetary funds, thanks to "Maple" (our new home on wheels) are quite limited, but I think with a little writing or creativity funds may procure.  If not, I will search harder for work....either that or delve further into the student loans!  HA!

(Pictures of van to come).

So, while I half-heartedly explore non-profits and environmentally based organizations that may have openings in grant writing, policy research, event planning, education programming, etc.   I continue to pursue climbing goals, graduate school, and personal company goals.  My plate is full and Wes is amazingly supportive.  He is ready to settle down, have a garden, a house, and a mailbox.  I just can't settle yet.    I am not exhausted yet.

We will see if I maintain!!!