Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peter Pan

"If it is beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up not me!"

Who wouldn't want to wear leggings, fly around an enchanted land and play the day away, even pause to fend off the bullies?

Have we lost our childhood dream to the societal metronome that urges us to graduate and procreate?  The debate of bearing children, selfishness in living, striving for well-being, and fear of being outcast, are all quite prevalent as I begin to write.

In a simple "see Jack run" way, I wish we could all try to see life this way.  Climb a mountain.  Grow up emotionally, continue to work the self, for the betterment of ourselves and the relationships that we are surrounded by.  We should actively participate in our community and never loose sight of the fact that we are living now.

Why would I want to spend my precious moments nose deep in a stagnant un-stimulating environment for a higher up that I may never meet.  We are not supposed to shuffle along thoughtless to exterior ideas, slaving away meek wages to supplement someone else's family fortune?  I don't want to work for anyone I can't shake hands with.  I shake hands with the natural environment every day, sometimes I get a face full.  I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything.

Balance between leisure and work is a touchy subject.  Work too much and you are stressed, divorced, rich, motivated and empty.  Work too little and you are labeled a slacker, smiley, unintelligent, resourceful, poor, uninsured, and aware.

For now, I enjoy climbing upwards.  Seeing new heights physically and metaphorically.  Nothing provides me with more joy and exhileration than to spend a day adventuring in one of the worlds beautiful natural places.  I would prefer to climb a rock or tree than a corporate ladder.


So, I have a few works in progress, but I am ever critical of my writings and my thoughts.  Upon editing, I notice the brash and "acute" thoughts I TRY to portray, and question myself.  Therefore, I don't publish.  Then weeks go by and I forget I even attempted a blog.

Soon I will get over myself and post something for the greater good of brain.