Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Visuals

Mary Marmorstone, my co-instructor!  Mazama, WA.

North Cascades Basecamp.  Site of 2012 Mindful Movment Retreat

First day of climbing...ever for Leslie!

Sunday morning church session.

Aspen in Aspen

Colorado Fall
Dan Gambino Photo.  RMNP
Climbing on Gollums Arch, RMNP

Wedding in Aspen with Kelly and Rohan!

HOME!!  On my flight home from Yosemite- Oct 4, 2012
Luke on Conads, RMNP.  Dan Gambino Photograph.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Summit Dance Parties

“You got to cry without weeping, talk without speaking, scream without raising your voice.”

This quote from U2 song, Running to Stand Still,  reminds me that we should be mindful of how we project ourselves.  Actions speak louder than words.  

This past week the Nose Record on El Capitan was broken.  While I am cognizant of the theory behind setting records--- they motivate others to break them, my ego struggles.  I can’t quite place it, but I feel a small twinge of jealousy or perhaps regret of not trying hard enough. 
Mayan-Gobat Smith and Chantel Astorga atop the Nose.
I know for a fact I feel pressure both internally and externally to attempt the Nose again.  

My friend Timmy (coincidentally, a former Nose record holder), consoled me, “You know Quinn, I think it is important to keep moving forward.”  

Move forward? 
Move forward!

I feel I am at a tipping point.  I am a long time climber and wilderness enthusiast, just now seeking sponsorships.  These sponsorships help fuel the adventures-- supplementing necessary gear and travel costs.  What a fantastic advantage to testing and using new gear and clothing, allowing me to continue exploring the joys of climbing!!!  Thank you, my current sponsors Trango, Stonewear, and Alpine Aire!

Equally important though, is my personal desire to give back my community.  Climbing is inherently selfish.  I spend so much of my time enjoying personal adventures in the wilderness, I feel the need to support and advocate, ensuring that these beautiful places exist for future generations and others adventures.  
I keep busy doing this by teaching, volunteering, giving slideshows, fundraising, and grant writing.  
It is my hope that my profound passion for mental and physical experiences will not only inspire others to get out and play, but raise money for organizations that support wilderness adventures also!  
My main support avenue at the moment is Paradox Sports (http://www.paradoxsport.org)

Coincidently, the weekend of the new Nose Record, was the Mindful Movement Retreat in Mazama, Washington.  My company, Dovetail Mountain Endeavors (www.dovetailmountain.com) worked in collaboration with Mary Marmorstone (www.moonstoneyoga.net).  

Check out a video of our retreat, put together by Lilly Mongeau

We guided 12 women through meditation, yoga, and rock climbing.  Our intention was to open a dialogue concerning thought limiting behavior, fears, and how to access the mind-body connection for use in positive ways.

Overall, we focused on our actions and how we should all be mindful of our place --both internally and externally--in this world!

The timing of these events was just was a wonderful reminder for me to explore inward for a moment. Marrying the adventures around me with the churning river inside, settle the sand a little.  Helping me to stretch the corners of my mouth up towards my ears and enjoy a summit dance party!