Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Life Long Loves Tour--- a draft just publishing now.

After returning from an 8 week adventure throughout Patagonia, I had a brilliant idea of traveling some more!!
I haven't written in ages and have, in fact, opened up this blog many-a-times to write something down but I feel my thoughts swarming.

I was home--Estes Park-- for 11 weeks in 2013.
The 2014 year was shaping up to be similar, as I left for a 2 month trip to Patagonia on January 3.  I find myself tired from travel.
I keep my schedule full of friends, full of trips, full of busy.

Am I distracting my heart from the loss of loved ones?

To remedy this, I had the brilliant idea of traveling some more...well with two intentions.
One, visit the people who have infected me with their brilliance, compassion, passions, and love over the years.
Two, visit those important people because time with them is often the best gift (thank you PK for that reminder).  So, off I went to spend time with those that I love so dearly, those that have taken care of me through thick and thin.

Estes Park to Moab to Mesa to Yucca Valley to San Diego to Groveland to Tahoe to Bend to Seattle to Nosara, CR to Bellingham to Leavenworth.

Plans, like always, altered.  The convergence of the 'family' (a blend of KMAC crew/Andrew's friends) in Indian Creek had me layover for an extra 4 days.  The positive support amongst one another towards all of our individual endeavors and psyche (for climbing, for fun, for being genuinely nice and caring people) is unmatched.  I climbed some of my hardest Indian Creek climbs during this week, also with some of my biggest lobbers!  Such a grand time.  I almost on-sighted Sweden Ringle at the end of my first day!  (Thank you MonKeys ---you know who you are!)

In Mesa, AZ.  My mom and I went on a Great-Horned Owl hike (she knew a sneaky spot where two were nesting). After dinner, my dad and I played with his new telescope, something we did when I was a child at our lakeside cabin in Minnesota.

There was a full moon, it was neat.

My parents, always exploring- continuing the adventures with open inquisitive eyes.

In Joshua Tree, Craig, Hogan, and Erik treated me to an awful (food not company) Mexican dinner in Yucca Valley after days and days of granite crystal wrestling.  These men, excellent athletes, have been a source of inspiration and possibility.  You can try hard every day, with a family, with athletics, with the mind, with yourself and a little scotch goes a long way!  Thank you!

Patti and I boldly plunged into the Pacific waters near San Diego for a body board session.  Catching up on our 20 year friendship.  Discussion has altered from the days of 2-a-day swim practices and Dairy Queen treats to married life and loosing loved ones.  Her mother, a second mother to me, has alzheimers disease.  It is awful to hear the diminishing of the this lovely ladies mind and body, with such hopelessness.  It is remarkable to have been friends for so long---regardless of time and space to know that we love one another.
"Bohemian," she looked me up and down as I arrived.  Ha!  I got it from her.  Growing up with Patti, I was inspired to step out from under my naive roof of existence.
Travel.  Embarrass yourself.  Try new things.  Laugh.  Laugh to the point of embarrassing yourself again.  Repeat!  Thank you Patti!

Matty and PK just got hitched!!  So, next stop Groveland, CA.  Hopes of climbing in the Valley, diminished as rain moved in.  We climbed at Jailhouse instead, overhanging sport routes that are pump worthy.  

I don't know Matty all that well.  I do know he has a  quick wit and he brings a smile to one of my favorite ladies.  PK, has been a pillar of support for years.  We giggle and chat simultaneously, faces turning blue when it has been too long since we have spoken.  We have suffered similar losses, similar need for movement and similar haircuts and colors.  This lady reminds me to be true to the important people in my life and myself.  Time is one of the more

------The road trip continued north visiting my good friend Sam Piper in Truckee.  We ran and caught up.  Next stop was Bend, visiting and randomly dog sitting for a high school friend and fellow swim team guy Micah Vitoff.  I didn't know anyone there and they were off on a trip, so I took care of their giant friendly fur and sourced out some solo mountain bike time.  Time to reflect and return to a clear mind before jetting off to Leavenworth, Washington and teaching a month long Wilderness EMT course. 

While there I reconnected with Jens Holsten, we met in Patagonia on Fitz Roy.  I was spreading Andrews ashes on the summit, while he and his partner Chad were enjoying the journey and summit views.  Chad fucking got hit in the head as they descended a different side of the mountain, we never saw him again.  So, it was healing to connect with Jens on this trip and get to share my little bit of grief process. 

"if we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that we are eternally anchored. one's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things." Henry Miller.