Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thank You

 A thank you to Climbing Magazine for covering our trip to Greenland.  How cool is that?

A big THANK YOU for all who helped make the Greenland Trip possible in the first place!  

and let's not forget that we can ALL support Paradoxical things....
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I quickly escaped Colorado and have been sorting the changes in Canada.  

This is my first trip to the Bugaboos and other nearby destinations. Time is flying by already...never not enough!  

A quick chicken coup wrap of the van led into the stair-master work-out.  This was completed 2 hours later, with my good friend Chris Brazeau leading the way.  

We chatted with some friends in Applebee campground, arriving at a plan for the following day.  I hoped to acclimate to the climbing a bit, crossing my fingers we would hop on a moderate route on the West Face of Snowpatch, Wildflowers or Surfs-up. 

A lazy first morning worked the climbing day to my advantage. Ascending the Snowpatch-Bugaboo Col was not as intimidating as I imagined.  Soon we were basking in an early afternoon sun at the base of the West Face of Snowpatch Spire.  Instead, Chris and I were inspired by a dihedral system in the sun.  The dihedral was slammed shut, but we found a spicy way up to the right.  Climbing a new route-6 rope stretching pitches at 5.11, 5.8,5.12,5.10,5.11,5.10.  TO THE TOP!  Might call it Wild Falafers or Wile Flowers.  


Chris Brazeau leading up Pitch 7 of our new route!  Wile Flowers 5.12 IV West Face Snowpatch Spire